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AutoPay Instructions

Instructions for setting up Automatic Recurring Payments

These instructions explain how to sign up for automatic recurring credit or debit card payments via the website. Alternately, you may use the paper form found on the back of your monthly bill to set up automatic recurring ACH bank draft payments.
We recommend printing these instructions or logging into your account in a separate window.
  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Look for the box labeled "Help".
  3. The first item below "Payment & Billing" is "I want to set up AutoPay".  To sign up for autopay or to change your existing autopay (ie. change associated credit or debit card), click that link. 
  4. On the Manage AutoPay screen, click on the button to "Add New Credit/Debit Card". Or, if you have a Saved Payment Method shown below, you can choose to "Set AutoPay".    If you wish to have your automatic payments taken directly from your bank account, you must fill out and mail in the paper form on the back of your bill. 
  5. If you are setting up a new card, you will be taken to the Add Payment Source screen.
    1. Fill out the form completely. The Security Code is the 3-digit code found on the back right of most cards. On American Express cards, the code is on the front and is 4 digits.
    2. Scroll to the bottom, read the authorization, and click "Save". After clicking Save, you will see a pop-up thanking you for signing up for AutoPay. Click "OK".
    3. You will be returned to the Manage AutoPay screen after saving your card. You should now see this card under "Manage AutoPay" and also under your "Saved Payment Methods".
  6. If you have a Saved Payment Method, and would like to use it for AutoPay, simply click on the "Set AutoPay" button. A screen will appear showing your saved methods. Click the button for your chosen card, and click "CONFIRM". After clicking CONFIRM, you will see a pop-up thanking you for signing up for AutoPay. Click "OK".
  7. If you need to stop AutoPay, click "Remove AutoPay" on the Manage AutoPay screen. The card you removed will remain as a "Saved Payment Method below for your future use, if needed. If you want to remove that card completely, click on the garbage can symbol to the right of that payment method.
Once your autopayment is set up, your monthly payments will automatically be deducted once a month. This date can be found on your water or sewer company's website.
   + Accounts beginning with 030 will be deducted on the 5th of every month.
   + Accounts beginning with 031 will be deducted on the 21st of every month.
IMPORTANT: If you sign up for automatic payments after the monthly deduction date, your payment will NOT be automatically taken for the current month. In this case, you MUST make a separate one-time payment for the current amount due.

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